His little wish …

He sat on  the door step 

He was going to wait for Santa

He had sent his letter early

And had been a good boy throughout 

He knew Santa will bring his present

His mom had goaded him 

She wanted to know what he had asked for

The boy wouldn’t spill 

Santa wouldn’t honor if he let out

He anxiously tapped his toes 

Waiting for the reindeers to grace the heavens

She watched him From the window 

Jealous of his ignorance 

She wished for an iota of the joy he had 

As his eyes fixated on the darkening skies

She let him enjoy a little longer 

Before she brought him inside 

He watched the stars twinkle 

Heart pounding at the slightest breeze

He couldn’t wait to tell Santa how good he had been

How strong he had been for mommy 

How he brought her water when she was sick 

And how he had eaten his carrots faithfully 

His excitement was too much 

Five more minutes then she would get him inside

It was getting cold and she knew better 

Besides, she needed to know what he wanted

 or his heart would be broken  

He had waited for Santa all year long 

He had to get his wish!

“Mommy, where is he?”

“He is going to come . He must’ve started with the houses down the street. We should wait inside “

“I want to see Rudolf “

“How about we make cookies for santa instead? “

“Uhm, okay.”

Child, what did you wish for?

It boggled her mind

Sure she got him a present, but he really wanted the one 

She asked for the umpteenth time 

“What did you ask for honey? Is it a new bike”

“No. I love my bike”

“Train set?”

“No. I hate those. It killed that guy on tv”

“What then? You can trust mommy. “

He looked at her and smiled widely 

“You’ll love it mom!”

“C’mon, tell me!”

” I wished for Santa to bring hair back. You cry a lot when you look in the mirror”


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