Here lies my heart

His room was ghoulish 

All white 

Too quite 

With the ever dense smell of disinfectant and latex 

He lay still on his bed 

Unaware of her vex

Soon he will be gone

With all his love for her


10 minutes…

She traced the tiny wrinkles around his mouth

He loved to laugh

His laughter awakened wicked love for him

The kind she didn’t know she had

Love that now hurt immensely 

Fate was ruthless 

It struck them hard 

Wasn’t his laughter medicine enough?

8 minutes… 

She placed her head on his chest

She loved to hear his heart beat 

It beat only for her 

But the ticker had a timer 

It was almost up

A world without him was abyssal 

A world that was now seeming 

6 minutes… 

She watched the movement of his eyelids 


Tears filled her eyes

She wished to disappear into his dreams 

Slay whatever monstrosity that tormented him

She gently brushed his brow

Soon he would be at ease 

4 minutes… 

His hand

Deathly cold

Damned all the icy fluids

She restrained herself from ripping off the tubes

They were his anchors to the world of the living

It wasn’t time yet 

2 minutes…

Tears flowing down her cheecks 

She picked up the pen 

This was her last  letter 

It would float with him into his new world 

Tether her to him to for all eternity 

She began 

“Here lies my heart… “

O minutes… 

She pulled the plug.


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