The ‘shujaa’ within 

They came to us 

Shed our blood

Captured our brothers

Named us anew to wash off our “savage” nature 

We joined forces 

We rebelled 

We struggled to be free…

All that, we have consigned to oblivion

Our spirit of oneness is clutching at straws

Sharing and caring is becoming outward 

We are forced to know our neighbors now

At least ten

We sing unity, within ethnic bounds

We pledge patriotism, and piss at the economy 

We declare democracy, with the same breath, deny outcomes 

We believe in hopelessness now 

We no longer sing for our motherland 

We no longer believe in our flag

It’s colors mean nothing!

Our leaders 

They play perilous games

Wash their hands with our blood, to eat platefuls of our flesh 

We are dead to calamities now 

Hunger doesn’t move us 

It strums eerie melodies with the ribs of forgotten children 

Sears up the breasts of nursing mothers 

Widens it’s jaws to claim the lives of incapacitated fathers 

We turn our eyes away 

Ignorance is bliss

We are snug with corruption now

We look on

Tongues stuck to the roofs of our mouths 

As they funnel funds through their chimneys 

Then wring out humanity from the impecunious

Empty pockets beget ruthless fighters, no?

We celebrate murderers now

We break their chains with our bare hands

Place them on pedestals so high they block out our sunshine 

We condemn ourselves to live under their shadow

They become our only sun 

We,  the sunflowers

Change is possible 

We need to arise, now

We need to open our eyes 

We need to look beyond our ethnic differences, hold hands like we once did 

We need to get rid it empty minds and empty hearts

Then work toward a  better land 

We need to rouse the shujaa within! 

‘When we build, let us think that we build for ever ‘ ~ John Ruskin.


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