The final blow

He had become an enigma

Loved to embellish 

She hated it

She never fancied Pinocchio 

Preferred everything in plain 


She hated his suprises

There was always another woman in the wrapper 

She was hurt-weary 

Her mind was made

She will leave him tonight 

Present all in candor


The cuckoo cried midnight

Sleep eluded the nervous bundle 

Her eyes were red from bawling

Reminiscing of when they loved fiercely 

Though she gazed at the stars, he promised the moon and she settled 

The devil’s pawn 

He now stirred dark storms

Her walls cannot withstand 

It has to end


Gone were the days of pure simple bliss

Those she pined for

Now she struggled unavailing 

She couldn’t do it further 

It will end


Krrriiiinng! Krrriiiinng!

The door bell went 

It was time

The longest walk of her life




Her stomach churned 

Husband… DUI…Fatal 

He won 

Yet again 

He won 

It was the final blow

At every word 

Everything in her broke

Save for the silence that followed 


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