The Night Walker

She needed a break

Her throat was dry

Her feet hurt

Her wig itched 


She needed another bump 

Her conscience was coming back

Bad for business 

She always wore black 

The perfect camouflage 

Bright revealed too much

A lot shone through 

This was no place for feelings 

Sexual healing was her major

They needn’t see the sadness 

They needn’t see the shame

Bad for business 

She cut herself 

It raised  her threshold for pain

Increased her endurance 

Some clients had no bounds 

They lit her hell

And always paid well 

Whenever she descends into the underworld

She  clinches a blade 

Pain is a hindrance 

Bad for business

She went to church 

But never prayed

Never looked up

Her eyes will sell her out 

HE will look into the depths of her globes and get lost in the darkness within 

HE bought her at a price 

She sold herself at a price 

Guilt is what she didn’t need

Bad for business 

It stroke midnight 

Break was over 

Deep within her cleavage

Laid the “white girl”

With one mighty whiff 

The Night Walker was reawakened

She strode off into the dark





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