Goodbye thief

He was a man

An image of imperfection

I was intrigued

A diamond in the rough 

Mine to shine

His body was not of a god

His clads were not made of gold

But he was mine to keep

He made my dreams

 Day and night 

He stole all my emotions

They were at his mercy 


when I was young, and I was down 

My mommy would take me to town

Buy me a little white gown

And it would end my frown

She said:

“One day you will meet a prince , have on a bigger white gown, and a gold band on your finger “

The princes 

She never told me they were like roses, beautiful but with pricks

Like foxes, with bags of tricks

See thief

I remember all your lies

You mean the world to me”

I should have known your world was the 3×6 bed

“You complete me”

I should have known you were a puzzle with 10,000 pieces 

“You see right through me”

I should have known it was because you had nothing solid to bounce back the light to my eyes

I remember the day you stole my heart 

There was an epic battle in my being

My heart held a mutiny against my head 

The little dictator 

Since then all I see is the back of your head

You stole the softness in my voice

Left me with grit

You stole my womanly pride 

I never got to be your bride 

In your eyes I was a desperate lover

You needed to take cover

You played your game well

I concede  this round of battle 

But I will come back full throttle

Goodbye thief


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