Addicts Anonymous 


My name is Rob

I am an addict 

I wasn’t always 

I was young,  wide-eyed

I enjoyed hugs

Laughter was my medicine 

I have a new prescription now 

It leaves me numb

Numb to hugs 

Numb to laughter 

An out of body experience 

It has owned my mind 

And left me blind

I do not see any good in mankind 

I view the world in the line it has drawn in my mind 

Of paranoia, distrust of it’s kind

Man has not been kind 

I am daily reminded of my sins 

None understands my struggle

My addiction is my ball and chain

It has eaten into my soul 

I grow weary trying to breaks the shackle 

I feel like scum of the earth 

In the dark of the night, I cry myself sore

I yearn for my mother 

I need for her to tell me it will all be okay 

I long for the look she gave when I was his little boy

The boy that has disappeared into this canvas of a man

I wish to give her peace

The Lord’s peace be still

My peace be steel

Fill this head with lead

Rid the world of the living dead 


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