We are the world 

We are the world 

We are a young soul

A young soul that needs to be mould

Mould by the hands that created the world 

The  hands of God

A God who is patiently waiting for us to lower our pride and lift our hearts 

Lift our hearts and lay down our intentions 

Intentions that He needs to make clean

A cleanliness that is next to His godliness So, He can build a shelter 

A shelter that will allow Him to live within

Be our guide 

For we are a young soul 

A young soul that does not care for the plight of any

Any of those who are oppressed and weakened by their fellow men

Men who eager lift their swords, raise their guns in readiness to strike

To strike down all those who speak the truth, live for the truth 

Truth about religion, government, crimes against humanity 

A humanity that is woven within us, that when we choose to turn on will be our key

The key to sheath our swords, shelf our guns and go home 

Home to our parents,  children, lovers and show them love

A love that is perfectly defined for us in 1st Cor 13:4

For we are a young soul

A young soul that does not care for the earth

Not for it’s flora or fauna 

A flora that we are set to destroy with our big machines, chemical wastes, concrete forests 

Forests that cannot create homes for our fauna 

The fauna that we look at with greed

Greed for ivory, fur: to amass obscene wealth 

Wealth that will mean nothing to us after we are turned to dust 

Dust that is our equalizer; rich and poor, big and small 

Small is what we are in our minds

Minds that can neither process nor comprehend selflessness 

A selflessness that was shown to us by our Lord

Our Lord Jesus who was crucified for our redemption 

A redemption that we will only find when we look at the cross

The cross that is our way out of the crossroads 

The crossroads where we are stuck, made stuck because we are held in lustful bondage;

We seek Christian Grey to learn about sexual submission and sexual bondage

When all we need to do is get down on our knees and submit to the Lord

A submission that will prevent us from being 50 shades of Christian

For we are a young soul

A young soul that is gullible 

That believes in what is before the nose and not beyond it

A beyond that we are afraid to see, afraid to seek because it will reveal  our spiritual poverty 

A poverty that leads us to accept Adam and Steve, Maryam and Eve, pronouncing null God’s intention four our creation; procreation 

Procreation to fill the earth with people

Good people who will ensure the continuity of the word

The word that is our salvation 

The salvation that will lead us to see the new nation 

A nation that is ruled beyond the clouds

Ruled by One whom we should revere, fear and aim to please 

And when we manage to please will be the source of all good things 

Good things that we cannot experience otherwise

Otherwise we will drown in our anxieties about tomorrow 

A tomorrow that may never come 

The sun may never rise , so we should arise above our differences and become one

 In Christ

For we are the world 

We are a young soul 


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