My love quest 

It is said, there is someone for everyone 

Mine must have been chocked by his bib when he was child napping in his crib

It is said, every woman was made out of a man’s rib

Mine must have escaped the Sculptor’s knife and is walking this earth with all his 


Where is he?!

I have kissed many frogs

 I mean toads in frogs’ clothing… 


He was the one 

Would sell me out for 50cts if it got him a cloud higher 

But he was kind

Enough to share his dosage

So we could experience freedom, he said

When really, we were in bondage

He let me soar to the sky with him, everyday with a new high 

Until I hit rock bottom is when I came to my senses

 I took off

And  met my refuge 


He was the one 

Became my rock

Never mind I fell every time I stood by him

Never mind I was never protected whenever I hid under him

He was smooth with words 

Knew just how to sooth the wounds 

I was happy

So was every Jill, Jane and Diana!

I took off

Straight into the arms of my saviour 


He was the one

Not a  Paul, but still, I fell 

He wanted my everythin

Yet, he care for nothing

He had all the words, but no action

His thoughts of me, were only a fraction 

Every move he calculated, to him life was  chess board 

Anyone one unlucky to be in his way, was a chess piece 

He was the King , I was not his queen

I got  disposed

They say, when I meet the one 

I’ll  know 

Time will stop, so I’ll savour the moment 

My heart will know, I have found the Lord’s  favour 

We will be so insync in our thoughts, words will be useless 

We will defy the law of physics for 

 like poles will attract

Our energy will come from the connection of positive terminals 

We will walk above the ground, gravity will not limit 

The fire of passion will consume,  it will burn all the rage 

And restore a new age of limitless joy 

My quest  for love will end,

And the happy ever after will begin 


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