Beauty and the Beast

I must’ve taken some magic potion 

‘Cause I finally met him.

The earth stood still

Everything within it moved in slow motion 

My  once stone heart turned into flesh 

I knew I was bone of his bone

His face lit up like the sun at high noon

His brown eyes shone like the moon in the night 

His coo brought warm and fuzz inside

I knew I had found my home

I made him a god to our sons

I talked him a saint to my friends

I didn’t care for his blemish 

In time I could heal his selfish 

The answer to the cast on my wrist was a fall down the stairs

It eased their stares 


I earned the shove

I should have ironed out the last crease 

I mean, nobody likes a creased cuff, right? 

I toiled in the kitchen 

It was always the way to his heart

Unfortunately, I left the stove on too long

It charred the chicken

I earned the black eye

I should have watched the food cook

I mean, nobody likes a charred meal, right?

I sat in the dark, waiting

Whispered a  quiet prayer at the ungodly hour

He had gone out to play 

His toys had tight skirts, perky breasts,  beckoning eyes

I asked he put them away, instead 

I earned the busted lip

I should have paid heed and understood his need

I mean, even lovers need away games, right?

He sat across at dinner

Like he used to at the diner 

I didn’t feel the winner 

I had turned into a whiner 

I can change him!

Delete history then reignite the chemistry 


Something was amiss

The light on his face had dimmed

The brown of his eyes bore grey slits

The once coos left a piercing cold inside 

He wasn’t my beau

I was dinning with a beast. 


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