My daily battle 

Every  night,  the sun goes down

The promise of dawn is uncertain 

I pray to God for forgiveness 

I pray to God for a new day

I promise to do better

The Gentle King

He grants it all on a clean slate 

Washes my soul to a pure state

I awake 

It’s mind corruption I face

Anything that makes my heart race I chase

In my being the Holy One becomes scarce

My body becomes a hearse

Ferrying around a dead spirit 

How frail my strength in the Lord is

How fast I fall into the brutal snares the devil has set

How quick I give into the many temptations the devil has conjured 

It’s the devil’s fault!

He should be locked in a vault 

He will be the death of me,looking to drag me into the unholy fire

Unholy lands 

Land of darkness,  fright and ugly 

Filled with demons unfathomable 

They make me ruin the Lord’s temple

Make it uninhabitable for the Holy of Holies

A minute of jollies equals follies worth eternal punishment 

I do not want to fall into the pit 

I do not want to feel the heat

On my knees I will crawl to His cross

Break all my teeth so I do not utter one more lie 

shackle my feet so I do not walk away one more step

Beat my chest and repent my sorry existence 

I do not want to cry forever tears

I do not want to live in eternal fears

My mind is not  at rest every time I lay my head

My heart is not at peace every time I come in His presence

Guilt and shame fill my essence

They accompany me, taunt me

Do not let me slip

Even when I lay down for my last sleep

Tonight the sun will set

The promise of dawn will be uncertain 

And I will pray.


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