Down Under

I laid  on the trolley clothed in almost nothing 

I was flat on my back,looking up at a bright light

It reminded me of the sun, only

It had no warmth 

The music in the background was loud, but

I couldn’t make out the words or the rhythm 

My arm flinched slightly as they inserted an IV

I didn’t feel it

My mind was everywhere but there

I should’ve told my mother I loved her,and for her strength given her an applause 

I should’ve paid my father what I wagered, and ignored the loophole in the clause

I should’ve told my sister I will miss her,and where I put the keys to my house

I should’ve told my bespectacled brother I was proud, and the best frames were in Baus 

I should’ve…

“She is about to go under”


I woke up into nothingness 

No sky or earth, but I was still 

No dark or light, but I could see

No warmth or cold,  but I could feel

No breath or death, but I could be

Indescribable emptiness 

It must’ve been a portal to the land of the immortal

I had to find the door 

Somehow,the thought conjured up a maze

I stood in it’s core

It was made of leggos placed at different heights, 

I got fazed, leggos?

Every path seemed right

I chose to go left

Immediately, the rest of the maze vanished

It was a one way trip, like I was being banished 

The atmosphere felt like a blanket

I fought to cut through, failure to couldn’t cut it

I wanted to reach the end, afraid  it would be my end 

I needed to see the other side, he could be waiting on that side 


The bright light came back, and I was on my back 

I could make out a figure, with it’s fingers it held out a figure 

“Nod if you know what I’m holding”

I nodded. 


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