Mums and daughters.

There was a time in her life when everything was perfect.

Newly born,on her mothers bosom 


With all the tales of prince charming,life was to 

Live,love,laugh ,perfect.


Its all faded

Every bright shaded 

She fell in a lion’s den.

This lion did not lurk in the shadows behind its prey

Did not wear a majestic mane to boost its frame 

Did not bear scars to prove its victories 


Perfectly trimmed hair

Manicured nails 

Coco buttered skin

Chest wide you could hold a contest 

Tongue ready to spit honey laced with cynide 

Eyes clear they hid his conquests 

His Cologne announced his presence 

Sweet essence meant to capture the unaware 

She was the bee

Buzzing about 

Couldn’t resist a dip

Got caught in the deep 


She looks down at her tot

Her tiny mouth latched on her tit

Nestled, nursing,safe.


It will all fade

Every bright will shade 

She will fall in a lions den.

Her eyes water 

She may not be there to save her

To give her all on a silver platter 


All she wills is 

To straighten her path,in it she will walk 

Clean her vocabulary, from it she will borrow 

Hold her head up high, hers  may never drop

Teach her Thanksgiving for every little, she may never be vain and shallow 

Read the Holy Book at every bedtime,she may live, love,laugh in reality 

All she desires 

Is to be her halo.


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