Cry of a dark woman, in the Dark Continent.

I belong

I am at home

I take pride in my ebony suit

Pride in sharing a name with the cradle of mankind

You would think


I hide

I loath

I live to scrape off the hide that protects my innards from the elements

Struggle to change the Painter’s colour

The Painter tainted His paint

Did I anger you, Painter, that you chose to take the light from my hide?

Did you intend that I suffer ridicule with every stride?

Did you want to make sure the burns I get

From tongues spitting fire, wouldn’t show?

I do not care that the acid in the lotion burns

The hurt form it cannot be compared to my tortured emotion

I do not care that it makes me look unnatural

It’s  natures fault to begin with

I do not care that the creases on my knuckles 

The contours on my neck struggle to hold on to what’s left of my complexion

Its only that,  I seek a connection

To be accepted 

My beholder’s eyes reflect beauty that is not tainted

Pure like the colour of gold

I want the golden face

Painter, why did you taint your colours!?

“Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?”

“Snow ‘lightskin'”

Of course it is.

I am not her.

No matter how hard I try to fool the mirror 

The eyes looking back see right through me

Her stare pierces my soul

Her countenance portrays the true nature of my heart

I look away

I do not want to be waivered by the truth!

Painter, why couldn’t I be Snow ‘lightskin’ ?

Who tainted my paint!

When his color, same as mine

He is TDH

I’m just D.

I don’t understand 

Painter, did I anger you?

Did I force your hand?

Did you intent that I bear the pain of child birth and that of rejection as well?


It’s not you, Painter

Your colors are perfect 

It’s me.

I am tired 

Exhausted from fighting the world

My cheeks are on fire from the salt in my tears

Their words have won

I have let them win

I have given in

I am at home

But I do not belong


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